Mobin Khan is is running for the Hollywood Board of SAG as an independent:

I am a non-partisan candidate. SAGThe last 12 months has seen turmoil within SAG’s National Board. Hollywood and other branches are going through a tug-of-war which has created conflicts and uncertainty for the acting profession. Many of us have lost enormous amounts of income and may not qualify for next year’s Pension and Health Insurance.

Our country is going through a financial crisis. Although history tells us that whenever there is recession the entertainment industry booms, we see just the opposite of that expectation. We got a lousy deal for Theatrical/TV Contracts, and we are stuck with it until June 2011. Producers are not the only ones to be blamed for this. Our own union leaders are equally responsible. Partisan fighting has weaken our voices. It is important that we have strong representatives willing to fight for us, like myself.

Both Day-Players and Background Artists are suppressed. Background Artists are performers not walking props. Additionally Hollywood numbers of SAG Background required on the set along with pay rates should be the same as in New York. Another problem must be addressed is reinstallation of silent bits.

The Commercial contract would have been better had they negotiated harder. Future Product Integration within Movies/TV Shows will eliminate all commercial jobs. This means actors will perform commercial-spot scenes without additional pay or residuals, one pay for two jobs.

Runaway productions are losses which our union leaders have not adequately pressured state and national politicians to stop.

I support a Grassroots Actors’ agenda. We need real working actors as board members to take the reins of union leadership. My first task will be to ensure leadership unity for a strong front to fight for our rights and future. Please do not vote on party line or candidate’s fame – vote your conscience! I stand for betterment of the acting community and I need your support. Thank you.