Screen Actors Guild Announces Candidates for
2009 National Officer and National Board Elections

Los Angeles (August 10, 2009) – Screen Actors Guild today released the official list of candidates for its upcoming national officer and national board elections. National president and national secretary-treasurer positions are up for election, both of which carry two-year terms. Approximately 1/3 of the total 69 national board seats are open for election this year.

National officer ballots will be mailed to all eligible SAG members nationwide on August 25 with a return deadline and tabulation on September 24. Election results are expected to be announced that evening. The same schedule will apply to the Hollywood and New York division elections.

The candidates for national president are Seymour Cassel, Ken Howard, Anne-Marie Johnson and Asmar Muhammad. The candidates for secretary-treasurer are Amy Aquino and Connie Stevens.

The Hollywood Division will elect 11 national board members and 22 alternates. Each seat is for a three-year term (all national board alternates serve for one year). The New York Division will elect four national board members and nine alternates. Each seat is for a three-year term (all national board alternates serve for one year).

Candidates for New York Division president are Mitchell Green and Mike Hodge.

Directors holding seven other national board seats will be elected from SAG Branches outside Hollywood and New York.

2009 SAG Hollywood Division Board Election Candidates
(Candidate names are listed in random order, as they will appear on the ballot.)

1. Michelle Allsopp
2. David Jolliffe
3. Diane Ladd
4. Elliott Gould
5. Charley De La Peña
6. Patrick Fabian
7. Anne-Marie Johnson
8. Pete Antico
9. Jason George
10. Dawnn Lewis
11. Woody Schultz
12. Michael O’Keefe
13. Renee Taylor
14. Clark Gregg
15. Angeltompkins
16. Ed Asner
17. John Tremaine
18. Anthony DeSantis
19. David H. Lawrence
20. Amir Talai
21. Doug Savant
22. Dulé Hill
23. Clyde Kusatsu
24. Stefan Leonid Lysenko
25. Tim DeKay
26. Martin Sheen
27. Charles Shaughnessy
28. Assaf Cohen
29. Mobin Khan
30. Hector Herrera
31. Bernie Casey
32. Alan Rosenberg
33. John Diehl
34. L. Scott Caldwell
35. D.W. Moffett
36. Kevin Dobson
37. Anne DeSalvo
38. Ron Harper
39. Mandy Steckelberg
40. Richard Speight, Jr.
41. Jeff Austin
42. Shawn Patrick Lane
43. Jenny O’Hara
44. Peaches Johnson
45. Alan Ruck
46. Leigh French
47. Joe Bologna
48. Jerry Kernion
49. Jane Austin
50. Connie Stevens
51. Joe d’Angerio
52. Gabrielle Carteris
53. Jordana Capra
54. Reneé Aubry
55. Hill Harper
56. JP Hubbell
57. Bill Smitrovich
58. Bob Bergen
59. Ned Vaughn
60. Nancy Travis
61. Clancy Brown
62. Gregory Itzin
63. Lauri Hendler
64. Ellen Crawford
65. Rico Bueno
66. Ted Lang
67. Stacey Travis
68. Michele Santopietro
69. DeWayne Williams
70. David Clennon
71. Carole Elliott
72. Dan Kelpine
73. Christian Clemenson
74. Conrad E. Palmisano
75. Richard Fancy
76. Ed Harris
77. Marcus Lindsey
78. Robert Hays
79. George Coe
80. France Nuyen
81. Marcia Wallace
82. John Carroll Lynch
83. Brett Cullen
84. Larry Gelman
85. Keith Johnson

2009 SAG New York Division Board Election Candidates
(Candidate names are listed in order by randomly selecting a letter and then listing candidate names alphabetically by last name starting with the letter selected. Following is the order in which they will appear on the ballot.)

1. Sharon Washington
2. Celia Weston
3. Liz Zazzi
4. Manny Alfaro
5. Dave Bachman
6. Marc Baron
7. Justin Barrett
8. Doug Boes
9. Sam Freed
10. Mitchell Green
11. Sheila Head
12. Ruth Last
13. Melissa Leo
14. Tony Lo Bianco
15. Matt Mulhern
16. Joe Narciso
17. Erik-Anders Nilsson
18. Lisa Marie Palmieri
19. Jay Potter
20. David Rasche
21. John Rothman
22. Kevin Scullin
23. Monica Trombetta

2009 SAG Regional Branch Division Board Election Candidates
(Candidate names are listed in alphabetical order, as they will appear on the ballot. In most Regional Branches where candidates ran for office unopposed, the candidates may be declared elected without the necessity of a membership vote*.)

John Carter Brown

David Hartley-Margolin* (elected)

Dave Corey* (elected)

Scott Rogers* (elected)

Joseph DeBona
Helen McNutt

Mary McDonald-Lewis* (elected)

San Diego
Don Ahles
David Lloyd

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