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August 2009 Archive

SAG: Candidate Mobin Khan's Open Letter

Mobin Khan is is running for the Hollywood Board of SAG as an independent: I am a non-partisan candidate. The last 12 months has seen turmoil within SAG’s National Board. Hollywood and other branches are going through a tug-of-war which has created conflicts and uncertainty for the acting profession. Many of us have lost enormous amounts of income and may not qualify for next year’s Pension and Health Insurance. Our country is going through a financial crisis. Although… Read

SAG: Candidate Pete Antico's Open Letter

Pete Antico is running for the National Board of SAG as an independent: I am running for the board to attempt to change the internal structure of the Screen Actors Guild to run it like a productive business to create more effective policy's going forward that would better enable us to even the playing field with the producers (AMPTP). The Guild board must be unified or it will be the death of SAG as we know it and all of what our brothers and sisters fought for in the… Read

Box Office

BLOODY BOX OFFICE! 'Final Destination 3D' & 'Basterds' Easily Massacre 'Halloween II'

  SATURDAY PM/SUNDAY AM: Here are the weekend numbers (Sunday estimates): 1. The Final Destination 3-D (NL/WB) NEW, Fri $10.9M, Sat $10.2M, Wkd $28.3M 2. Basterds (Weinstein/Uni) WK 2, Fri $5.8M, Sat $8.1M, Wkd $19.5M, Cume $73.2M 3. Halloween II (Weinstein) NEW, Fri $7M, Sat $5.6M, Wkd $17M 4. District 9 (Sony) WK 3, Fri $3M, Sat $3.9M, Wkd $10.7M, Cume $90.8M 5. G.I. Joe (Paramount) WK 5, Fri $2.2M, Sat $3.5M, Wkd $8M, Cume $132.4M 6. Julie & Julia (Sony) WK 4, Fri… Read

North Carolina Ups Film Incentive To 25%

UPDATES: Now North Carolina Expanding Its Studios In these tough economic times when many states can’t figure out how to sustain their film incentives, North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue yesterday signed a 25% increase into law. The higher incentive will be effective January 1st. Chris Cooney, co-owner and COO of EUE/Screen Gems Studios issued a statement that his phone is ringing off the hook at the Wilmington, N.C., turnkey facility featuring 10 stages on 50 acres… Read

DHD ADVISORY: New Look, New Alerts

Next week, DHD will have a new look. Now don’t bitchslap me before the fact. I promise it’ll be familiar but freshened, the same but slicker, because that’s what you wanted. Meanwhile, DHD email alerts are up and running as of today… finally. If you didn’t just receive one, then you’re not signed up. So go ahead and input your email immediately. With luck, today should be my last full day of administrative tasks so posting can return to normal Monday. I’ll have more… Read

Two Movie Directors Make Agency Moves

There’s a feeding frenzy among Hollywood agencies for director David Fincher, who left CAA some weeks back. As everyone knows, Fincher is extremely hard to please. Good luck with that. And agent-turned-manager David Lonner steered Brad Silberling to UTA from WME. The writer/director coming off the disastrous Land Of The Lost will be repped by a team headed by David Kramer and Lonner’s longtime Endeavor/Morris pal Steve Rabineau who left for UTA during the… Read

SAG Members OK Basic Cable Live Action Pact

UPDATES Behind-The-Scenes Of Basic Cable Pact: Members Almost Lost Right To Vote Los Angeles (August 26, 2009) – Screen Actors Guild announced today that members have approved a two-year successor contract to its Basic Cable Live Action agreement by a vote of 93.71% percent to 6.29% percent. The agreement is effective retroactive to June 10, 2009 and will expire concurrently with the Guild's Theatrical Motion Picture and Television agreements on June 30, 2011. With this… Read

R.I.P. Dominick Dunne

Dominick Dunne’s friends and fans emailed me Tuesday night that he’d been given last rites. Then he died Wednesday at his Manhattan apartment after a long bout with cancer that included several surgeries. On a professional level, with some well-publicized exceptions (he went over the line during the Condit feeding frenzy), he was a superb celebrity/crime storyteller for Vanity Fair and bestselling author about the monied classes, and, before that, a Hollywood… Read

PAYBACK! WME Tries To Bully Fired Agents: Agents Bully WME Right Back For Salaries

UPDATES WME Cuts Off Fired Agents Who Found Jobs EXCLUSIVE: This is a case of “Don’t get mad, get even” Hollywood-style. Last month I had the exclusive news that WME sent bad news letters to certain laid-off William Morris agents who found work at CAA, UTA, ICM and Paradigm. The point of the missives was to cut off these agents from receiving whole or part of their William Morris salaries because they’d signed contracts calling for mitigation. (This meant that if the… Read

Breaking News! MPTF Declares Impasse: Notifies Families Of Intent To Close Acute Care Facilities By End Of 2009; Families Decry MPTF “Strong-Arm Tactics”

2ND UPDATE: Here is the response from “Saving The Lives Of Our Own”: Los Angeles—In reaction to a "pre-eviction" notice released by the Motion Picture Television Fund today, residents of the MPTF long-term care facility and their families rejected the letter as an example of continued strong-arm tactics by the Fund and its administrators. In an interview, the MPTF's Ken Scherer insists the facility will be closed by the Thanksgiving holiday. The letter was released to… Read