2ND UPDATE: I hear Inglourious Basterds booked a good $800K in Germany.

UPDATE: I just heard that Inglourious Basterds also opened in Australia but did about the same as Universal’s other pic Public Enemies there — right around 500K. “That’s just OK, not great,” a rival studio exec tells me.

It opened last night (Wednesday) in three territories — Belgium, France, French-Switzerland — and scored the highest Tarantino opening ever in those three markets. “The results are great. We opened No. 1 in all three markets and grossed: Belgium $143K at 63 locations, biggest Tarantino opening day; France $1.4M at 499 locations, biggest Tarantino opening day; French-Switzerland $61k at 24 locations, biggest Tarantino opening day,” an insider tells me.

Australia opened today (Thursday) and 201 locations grossed an estimated $490K for a strong 36% market share. The opening is 15% bigger than Quentin’s Kill Bill Vol 1, but not as big as Kill Bill Vol 2 which opened on a holiday weekend. Russia opens today and early results are “strong”.

Inglourious Basterds opens in 22 international territories this week/weekend and 2,620 international locations. Universal has foreign and domestic and international home video, while The Weinstein Company is self-distributing domestic starting tomorrow and also has pay TV — but it’s a single-pot worldwide deal split 50/50.