4TH UPDATE: Here is Al Pacino’s statement for me:

“I have been with CAA for over 25 years and almost all of that time I was represented by my long time agent and friend Rick Nicita. Since his departure from the agency a year ago, it has been a period of adjustment for me. CAA is a great agency, and I’m thankful to have been a part of it. They have done more than an admirable job picking up where I left off with Rick. However, we’ve all known that this was temporary to help me transition into the next phase of my life. I’m grateful to them.”

3RD UPDATE: ICM’s Jeff Berg and John Burnham will now represent Al Pacino. Sources at ICM maintain that Pacino didn’t want to take a meeting with WME.

2ND UPDATE: A CAA insider emails me: “Pacino didn’t fire Chris Andrews, he fired CAA.”

UPDATE: I hear WME passed on Pacino. Never thought I’d write those words. (Where’s Stan Kamen when you need him?)

5:00PM: Al Pacino Fires CAA’s Chris Andrews