TV eligibility period: Long Form, Episodic, Animation, Children’s script categories
First broadcast between Dec 1, 2008 and Nov 30, 2009

All other script categories:
First broadcast between Oct 1, 2008 and Sep 30, 2009

Screen eligibility period:
Theatrically exhibited in Los Angeles for at least one week during 2009

Oct 16  Deadline for submission of TV and Paul Selvin Award scripts
Oct 23  Deadline for online submission of TV Series
Nov 6   Preliminary TV online balloting online begins (*Drama, Comedy, and New Series)
Nov 27 Deadline for online submission of theatrical screenplays
Dec 1   Deadline for Videogame Writing Award submissions
Dec 3   Deadline for Documentary Screenplay submissions
Dec 4   Deadline for preliminary TV series online ballot voting
Dec 9   Preliminary screenplay online balloting begins
Dec 14 TV, radio, news, promotional writing, and graphic animation nominees announced
Dec 31 Theatrical eligibility period ends (*Original, Adapted, and Documentary)
Jan 8    Deadline for preliminary screenplay online ballot voting
Jan 11  Screen nominees announced
Jan 13  Final screen and Final TV series online balloting begins
Jan 20–27 “The Contenders”: WGA-nominated films screening series, Writers Guild Theater
Feb 5   Deadline for Final screen and Final TV online ballot voting
Feb 8   Deadline for Writers Guild Awards Los Angeles dinner tickets reservations
Feb 18  “Beyond Words”: WGA-nominated screenwriters panel/reception, Writers Guild Theater
Feb 20  WGA-LA Awards, Hyatt Century Plaza, Cocktails 4PM, Banquet 5PM, Awards 6PM
(WGA-NY Awards: TBA)
Mar 7   82nd Annual Academy Awards