That the reality TV czar (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette) would leave his agent of 11 years, Michael Camacho, is a shocker. I understand that Camacho heard the news after he had just touched down in London on vacation with his family. (At least Fleiss had the balls to make the call himself from his Malibu compound since the two men are also close friends.) Camacho had repped Fleiss for 10 years at CAA, regularly describing Fleiss as a genius to one and all. Surprisingly, Fleiss stayed at CAA for 10 months when Camacho moved to UTA. But Fleiss sold nothing during that period and then followed Camacho to UTA where the pair sold 3 primetime network series, and one cable series, and recently made a giant 8-figure, 2-year Warner Bros deal. Fleiss claims he wants to move away from the Reality TV biz to focus on features. So why leave UTA given that the agency is a power in that area? (As one rival agent noted to me, “Fleiss wanted to be delivered a movie. Not develop, be delivered a movie.) Because William Morris/WME agent Graham Taylor had been in hot pursuit of Fleiss in this area for a long time and finally snagged him. Still, Fleiss became a rich man because of Reality TV — worth $100 million by some accounts — and all those deals were done by Camacho. Even rival agents are telling me this morning that Camacho had “batted 1,000” for Fleiss. But in the cutthroat agency biz where the grass is always greener, “it doesn’t matter how well you’ve done,” one source told me, “it’s how well someone else can promise you’ll do.”