Forbes magazine is reporting that Javier Bardem has turned down the role of hedge fund villain in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2 for Fox. This updates my previous, Hedge Fund Is Villain In Oliver Stone’s ‘Wall Street 2’

Since I reported on SEC insider trading accusations against HD TV pioneer and film producer Mark Cuban, here’s the follow-up:  a federal court dismissed the SEC’s case against him. The SEC has 30 days to appeal.

— Media outlets have been correcting their stories about DF Indie Studios after I reported that they reprinted inaccuracies contained in a press release from prominent flackeries. For example:

“(AP)-In a June 15 story about DF Indie Studios, The Associated Press reported erroneous claims by the company and founders Mary Dickinson and Charlene Fisher. In a news release and in interviews, DF Indie Studios and the founders said their movies will be produced by such Hollywood figures as Ridley and Tony Scott. Dickinson and Fisher also said they had $300 million in loans and distribution deals and were halfway to raising $100 million in equity. However, DF Indie Studios now acknowledges that it has not finalized its line of credit, its equity investments or all of its distribution deals. And a representative for the Scotts’ production company says it has no business or contractual relationship with DF Indie Studios.”

Updates my previous, OOPS! Media Get Punk’d By BWR & Ogilvy.

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