Isn’t it amusing how Jeff Zucker couldn’t find one positive specific to say about Ben Silverman in the official NBCU news release this morning beyond “Ben brought us tremendous new thinking in this changing media age”. Because Silverman leaves behind a record of abject failure. (By the way, the coming fall season’s primetime network development was taken out of Ben’s hands and put in Angela Bromstad’s. And, voila, the first decent programming.) Instead, some really talented NBCU executives were let go in a vainglorious attempt to prop up this dumbass. Oh, but who needs NBCU when Ben has Ryan defending him on Twitter:

First — Some biz ent news going to break this morning that will impact shows and stars. It will have impact one major network immediately
Second — guy that runs nbc- put office biggest looser etc on is leaving to launch a new studio. Bringing together most creative stars and producers
Third — This means better shows from our favorite stars in u.s. and around the world. Ben silverman just filling me in. This is big news in hwood