Luke Y Thompson is covering the Con for DHD with an emphasis on Hollywood:

TRON: LEGACY is the new title of the TRON sequel from Joseph Kosinski. Good – better that TR2N by far. Principal photography has just finished, and we are shown concept images. “The world of TRON has sat on a server for 20 years, evolving on its own, like the Galapagos Islands.” Based on these pics it appears to be evolving into Blade Runner, albeit in a TRON style. They used the Phantom camera, which can shoot 1000 frames per second. There will be flashbacks to the late ‘80s, including Flynn’s vintage light-cycle. Steve Lisberger, creator of the original: “It came true. We didn’t go to space, there hasn’t been an apocalypse, we weren’t invaded by aliens. But we just scanned Jeff Bridges with a laser and put him in the game grid!”

We see a 2-D scene, setting up the story, which plays a bit like horror. Garrett Hedlund, as the son of Flynn (Bridges), is told that a call was received from his Dad’s arcade, from a long-disconnected number. He goes to the now decaying place, turns everything on. Jukebox is playing the same tunes (big laugh from the fans at this). He finds the “Tron” game, puts a coin in, but it falls back out. Then moves the game aside to reveal a secret door. He goes inside. And it seals behind him.

“Three or four things in this movie have never been done before,” Bridges says. Of the role, “You’d think you forget these things, but you fall right back into them.”