It’s rare that any writer openly campaigns for an Emmy. But Family Guy‘s Patrick Meighan sent around this amusing email that raised a few eyebrows to the many people who received it. “I’ve certainly known plenty of people nominated for Emmys (hell, who hasn’t been nominated?),” one of the recipients told me, “and I’ve never seen such a naked trolling for votes.” Appropriate or inappropriate? You decide:

Hey, friend-of-Pat. Hope you’re doing well.

Prolly you’ve heard that Family Guy got nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy today. It’s the first time that an animated show has been nominated in that category since 1961 (when The Flintstones lost to The Jack Benny Show). 1961! Alaska had just become a state. Internet porn about pregnant chicks was still a crazy, futuristic dream. And the leading cause of death in our nation among males age 18 to 40 was whistling at white women.

We at Family Guy are simultaneously thrilled and confused by today’s development. Mostly thrilled, though. And since I, in particular, am new to this whole Emmy scene, I’m gonna violate longstanding rules of Emmy decorum and beg you — if you happen to be a member of the TV Academy — to please consider wasting your Best Comedy vote on our cartoon picture!

Note that Academy members who wish to vote in this category NEED TO SIGN UP TO VOTE (see instructions and link below).

And if you, yourself, aren’t an Academy member but happen to know someone who is (and who is amenable to voting for homosexual cartoon babies and poop and rape jokes and whatever else), please forward this information to ’em.


After that date, no one else will be able to join the voting pool. So, probably the pool of actual voters will be relatively small — all the more reason to get this to as many people as possible as soon as possible. Your vote (or your friend’s vote) could make the difference between Family Guy losing to 30 Rock by lots and lots of votes and Family Guy losing to 30 Rock by just lots of votes. That second thing
is what we’re shooting for, right there.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Pat Meighan