Kudos to Broadcasting & Cable which has been ahead on this story from the start. CBS confirmed this morning it will be the first broadcast network to join the online TV service initiative and provide content. “Comcast’s online TV offering is starting to look like a real competitor to Hulu,” B&C reported. CBS has not yet said which content will be available to the trial which is expected to start next month in 5,000 homes in Comcast’s footprint, but there’ll be a range of current and library content. Yesterday, Time Warner said HBO and Cinemax would also join the line-up, and last week Liberty Media’s Starz properties signed up. CBS’s Showtime pay TV is not yet on board but likely to be. The move, which B&C predicted last month, underscores why CBS stayed out of Hulu: because of Hulu’s desire to control the online content exclusively. “This move demonstrates CBS’s willingness to become partners in online ventures when the deal terms are right. CBS owns its own online destination TV.com, which is a rival to Hulu and has long stated its desire to make its online distribution strategy about open access,” B&C writes.