Luke Y Thompson is covering the Con for DHD with an emphasis on Hollywood:

If there was a disappointing movie panel at the Con, 9 would be it. (Not to be confused with DISTRICT 9, which rocked, or Rob Marshall’s NINE, which is not being marketed here).

Comic-Con audiences can smell desperation. It’s one thing when footage shown gets such a loud response that the fans ask to see it again. It is quite another when the people on the panel show their stuff again regardless of response. And when what they’re showing again is a trailer that has been in theaters for months now, well, that is lame, and reeks of desperation. Which you should not have if your product is an animated movie produced by both Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (who, it turns out, looks like a nesting-doll version of Bluto from Popeye. And now the Russians are going to kill me for saying that. Better eatsks me spinach…ughughughughugh!)

In fairness, the trailer looked really sharp in digital projection. Apparently, the movie deals with the adventures of nine burlap sacks who were brought to life by a scientist right before the apocalypse…but this is an alternate reality, so no worries, kids, the future shown here probably won’t happen. “Visionary” director Shane Acker (listen, bud, Zack Snyder made two features before he got called visionary, so you don’t earn it merely with one short) saw the word “stitchpunk” coined on a blog, and has embraced it.

Tim Burton says he sees a lot of personal indie films, but you don’t see a lot of personal films that are animated. He signed on as producer to protect Acker’s vision – remembering the discussions he had with Disney over whether or not Jack Skellington should have eyeballs, he took it upon himself to be the guy who fights silly battles like that.

Jennifer Connolly is on the panel, and I swear, she should play Megan Fox’s mother in something. But for a few wrinkles on Jen’s brow, they are rocking exactly the same look. And it’s working for both.

We see a clip where some of the sack-puppets fight a robot-dog with a skull head. Not bad design, but…the smiley faces of these sack puppets are starting to bug me, and Elijah Wood’s voice just isn’t working for me.

Burton is no longer attached to the RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT movie – he worked on it for about 6 months and feels like he’s done it already.

Timur says WANTED 2 should be ready to shoot in a few months. They’re looking to resurrect Angelina Jolie’s character somehow. He says DUSK WATCH will probably not happen.

A fan says to Burton: “You are literally my hero, and I don’t mean that in a Hot Topic kinda way.” Good line, but unfair. Hot Topic’s clearance rack rocks.

Another fan asks Burton if he considers himself a “dark” storyteller.

Burton: “No, I’m a very light person.”

So try wearing something other than black in public, Timmeh.