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July 2009 Archive

CBS New Media Writers Now WGA Members

Los Angeles – Internet writers employed at CBS studios in the L.A. area have unanimously voted to be represented by the Writers Guild of America, West. The vote was conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. “This is good news for new media writers. Congratulations and welcome to the Writers Guild,” said WGAW President Patric M. Verrone. “As more and more news, sports, and promotional content is distributed on the Internet, it is essential that its writers win… Read

'Basterds' Comes On Tracking Very Strong; Only 'G.I. Joe' Showing More Male Interest; But Quentin's Re-Cut Still Cannes-Length…

Quentin’s already much maligned Weinstein Company/Universal pic is getting 50s in “‘definite interest” from men. And women are stronger on Inglorious Basterds than on District 9, even though the Sony pic opens a week earlier. (That movie’s “looking really good, too,” a rival studio exec tells me. “It’s gotten some movement over the last few days.”) The only competing movie tracking higher with young guys right now is G.I. Joe. Yes, that much maligned Paramount pic coming… Read

Where Is Bob Iger's 26% Disney Pay Cut?

When you’re the 3rd highest paid CEO in Corporate America, Wall Street holds you to a different standard. So after Bob Iger announced that Disney’s 3rd-quarter profit had slid 26%, shares of the stock moved sharply lower — as much as -3.5% — when the market opened this morning. The main culprit was the same for the Mouse House as for every other Big Media company — poor advertising sales at the broadcast and cable networks and O&O’s, and lousy DVD sales, as well as a… Read

Behind-The-Scenes Of RBI-U.S. Fire Sale

Two things you should know from Anglo-Dutch publisher Reed Elsevier’s bombshell announcement is this: Tad Smith wasn’t fired. He actually resigned in July because he has another job starting September 1st. It was merely announced Thursday because so much other news was being announced, too. Like disastrous earnings, and a distress sale of its U.S. media. Tad stays through August 31st and then heads to a big consumer media organization. They’re lucky to get him. (He once… Read

“Arthur”: Pay Cuts

Arthur’s work is his own and does not necessarily reflect my views. Creative license. (And to the dimwits who don’t appreciate Arthur’s graphic commentary: this is based on Francisco de Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son.)  Read

DHD Advisory: August Tune-Up

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes at Deadline Hollywood Daily to bring you a better, bigger, and (as usual) ballsy news and analysis website. But it’s also going to take time away from my 24/7 reporting for a few weeks. There already have been some missed stories. And some hours with no posts. And a lot of technical woes. But I’ve given myself permission occasionally to go AWOL and deal with the nuts and bolts behind the website during August — in order to… Read

Universal Makes 3-Pic Judd Apatow Deal; 'Funny People' Weekend $25M Or $40M?

Judd Apatow will direct those next 3 films, so Universal will now be his helming home. Obviously, this means the studio has great faith in his pic Funny People opening this weekend which already has a Rotten Tomatoes positive review score of 70+%. Although there’ve been media doubts about the film’s 2-hour, 25-minute length and dramedy subject matter, weekend estimates now range from Universal’s $25M (to lower expectations), to rival studios’ high $30sM and even… Read

Hollywood Helps Thaw Havana Relations

Reuters is reporting today from Havana that the city’s Malecon seaside avenue is hosting Hollywood stars like Benicio del Toro, Bill Murray, Robert Duvall and James Caan who all arrived in Cuba on Wednesday. Del Toro is in town to receive an award today from Cuban artists and intellectuals for his portrayal of Che Guevara in the biopic Che directed by Soderbergh. The other three are said to be working on a “research project”, a spokesman told the news service. Others in… Read

Fan Shit-Storm Over That 'Eclipse' Recast: Shameless Plug For 'Twilight' Traffic, Part 2

Well, well, well… Summit Entertainment thought it could get one over on the Twilight Saga fans. After all, one red-headed actress is interchangeable with another, right? But the studio’s gambit failed when Rachelle Lefevre who was recast after starring in the franchise’s first two films enlisted fan support against Summit when the studio hired Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron Howard’s daughter) in the role. Ouch! (See LeFevre’s statement and Summit’s response below.) Here’s the… Read

New Pay Schedule For WME Assistants

UPDATES WME Pay For Assistants Worse Than WMA WME this week put in place that new pay schedule for WME assistants I told you was coming. The New York office’s was announced first, followed by the Beverly Hills headquarters. “Can you believe they decided to break the news to us in a meeting disguised to discuss our new health insurance plans?” one BH source tells me. “And, of course, nothing in writing… Just a scale told to us nonchalantly.” The new agency had… Read