There’s a bunch of guys that work on film crews and make funny T-shirts about the industry and post a new one each day. They sent me the link to today’s: a white or black T-shirt with THE STRIKE – Summer 2011 across the chest. Here’s how their website text reads: “Coming to a globe near you. In a world where movie studios make all the rules, two unions join forces to stand up for what’s right — DVD & Online royalties! Well, for those of you that don’t know, in the Summer of 2011 both the Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild contracts come up for renegotiation AT THE SAME TIME. This means (most likely) they will join forces to make sure the studios give them what they want. It could be the largest work stoppage in Hollywood history. The studios are well aware of this impending doom and so we should expect to see them all trying to stock pile production. This most likely will result in a large amount of work to come starting (hopefully) soon.” For $14.90, you can give the moguls what they deserve.