No doubt you’ll recall all those lawsuits stemming from 20th Century Fox’s Borat alleging Sacha Baron Cohen had duped people and made them look like morons even though they’d signed consent forms. The complaints were quashed, and in some cases Fox even countersued for attorney fees and won. So it was inevitable that there’d be a Bruno lawsuit filed a few days ago against Universal Pictures. This one claims that, at a 2007 charity bingo game in Palmdale, Cohen and his crew created a ruckus and physically assaulted the woman who was emceeing; she allegedly passed out, hit her head and is now confined to a wheelchair. Now Universal responds:

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., June 5 — The allegations made by Richelle and Lance Olson in their complaint are completely baseless. Filmed footage of the full encounter, which took place more than two years ago, clearly shows that Ms. Olson was never touched or in any way assaulted by Sacha Baron Cohen or any member of the production and suffered no injury. If the Olsons elect to proceed with their frivolous action, we expect each of the defendants to be fully vindicated.