Everyone knows that Chuck and Jim Dolan are among the most made-fun-of moguls because of their scattershot deal making, their intrafamily squabbling, and their arrogant dismissing of shareholders. There’s even been something called the Dolan Discount for a long time — a penalty put on the stock of their No. 5 Cablevision, because investors don’t trust the duo. But their dysfunction has been overlooked of late as the stock price has shot up. The Wall Street Journal now is laying it on the line — at least as much as it can using wish-washy language of mainstream journalism — and calling for Jimmy Dolan (aka the leader of blues band JD & The Straight Shot) to get the fuck out as Cablevision CEO. The “Heard On The Street” column says the company is right now overvalued unless lucky sperm club member Jimmy “as speculated” leaves to run his company’s Madison Square Garden subsidiary, thus clearing the way for a buyer for Cablevision. That’s because the real brains of the operation is COO Tom Rutledge, and the WSJ warns that when his contract is up in December “it isn’t a slam dunk” that he’ll re-sign. My own sources say some pretty important people have been whispering it’s time for the clown parade at Cablevision to end so that Time Warner Cable or Comcast can take over its coveted franchises concentrated in NYC’s most affluent suburbs.