For a long while, it was unclear whether PMK/HBH and Will Smith would keep some biz relationship. But Hollywood’s biggest movie star did follow Pat Kingsley to her new consulting biz where she’s been mentoring the actor’s new in-house marketing exec at his production company Overbrook. (She’s also consulting for Al Pacino.) Meanwhile, a lot of big PR companies are wringing their hands, and laying off — including PMK just a few months ago. But signings continue. PMK’s new clients include Gore Verbinski and Tom Ford (the fashion icon has just completed production on his first film), Chris Hemsworth (the new Thor and Red Dawn lead) and two Saturday Night Live alumnae, Maya Rudolph (currently starring in Away We Go) and Kristen Wiig. I don’t do music, but PMK recently added Shakira, Whitney Huston, John Legend, Blink 182, All-American Rejects and Jet.

IT’S THE END OF A PR ERA: Old School Publicist Pat Kingsley Exiting PMK/HBH