First, Irv Weintraub was supposedly on a vacation. Then he just wasn’t in the office. Now it’s been nearly a month since the controversial ex-William Morris Agency COO has been seen inside the old WMA. Nor has there been any official announcement about his not-joining-the-merger status. The reason everyone at WME Entertainment has been so close-mouthed is because he’s refusing to go away quietly in exchange for money like CEO Jim Wiatt. Instead, Weintraub is telling his former WMA pals that he has hired lawyers. (Not that he doesn’t have a right to be pissed. After all, Wiatt initially gave Weintraub a seat on the 9-person WME board. Then Jim took it away and gave it to Morris music department head Peter Grosslight instead. So when Wiatt was ousted, Weintraub found he had no protector nor place in the newly merged company. But shouldn’t he be pissed at Jim?) Preparing for a legal battle, WME will take a hardline regarding Weintraub’s old WMA employment. I’m told everything Irv did at Morris can now be put under a microscope.