UPDATE: Norm Coleman has finally conceded, clearing the way for Al Franken to be certified as the election winner and take his U.S. Senate after 8 bitter months of legal battling over the Minnesota election. News reports say Dem leaders reserved spots for Franken on four committees which willoversee the health care overhaul and the Supreme Court nomination among other high-profile issues.

This decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court ends the recount process and affirms Al Franken’s obvious victory for the long-vacant U.S. Senate once occupied by Norm Coleman. News reports this morning say the court rejected Republican Coleman’s legal challenge and ordered that Democrat Franken receive the election certificate he needs to assume office. It’s unclear whether Coleman will continue the legal wrangling. With Franken finally seated, Democrats will have a big enough majority (with the Senate’s two like-minded Independents) to overcome Republican filibustering. As DHD readers know, I’ve been closely following the Al Franken vs Norm Coleman race because, while showbiz talents who are also Democrats routinely raise money and campaign for political candidates, they rarely run for public office themselves. For a long while, the Saturday Night Live alum and ex-Air America radio broadcaster trailed Coleman, only to pass him in votes during the recount.