UPDATE: Word is she’s going to Kevin Huvane at CAA. “Maybe he can put her in his close friend Joe Francis’ next Girls Gone Wild video,” my source snarked.

EXCLUSIVE: CAA has always represented her in the music area. But now Miley Cyrus is taking meetings with agencies about her TV and film and endorsements representation. Is this fair to UTA? Of course not. But I hear the decision was made by Miley’s mother Trish Cyrus who is her de facto manager. No word on whether father Billy Ray Cyrus, also a UTA client, will exit as well.

UTA had just closed the deal for Cyrus to return for the final season of Hannah Montana on The Disney Channel. UTA also packaged around Miley her next movie project The Last Song at Disney. The agency reps Nicholas Sparks, who wrote both the book and screenplay, as well as director Julie Ann Robinson and producers Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot.

It was about a year ago that I reported when the star of that billion dollar Disney franchise Hannah Montana traded in Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty (which helps transform mostly child actors, singers and models into A-list stars) for United Talent to follow her long-term talent agent Mitchell Gossett, formerly the ex-VP of CESD’s theatrical division. He also brought along Billy Ray. Gossett had reportedly been involved with Miley since she and her father demonstrated their father-daughter chemistry to Disney’s Gary Marsh; that led to deals in 4 areas at the Walt Disney Co: TV, film, consumer products and recording.