AMC and Matthew Weiner have agreed to let the episodes run over into the 11 PM hour so extra commercial time can be added without having to shorten the scripts to accommodate the ads. I was the first to report this problem (AMC Squeezing ‘Mad Men’ In Season 3). The 3rd season of this Lionsgate TV series premieres August 16th. AMC had told the show’s producers to make allowances for another commercial break each hour — so that would have been 2 minutes less of actual programming. That might not sound like such a big deal, but it’s galling given how well the show has done critically, how carefully it’s put together, and how much money it’s already making AMC and parent company Cablevision (which recently announced a $20M 1st-quarter profit, while subsidiary Rainbow Media cited a 7.6% increase in ad sales). Naturally, the suits blamed the bad economy and said the show simply doesn’t bring in enough revenue. But AMC looked foolish for screwing its golden goose.