First, there’s Lanny Noveck, who was head of scripted television packaging at William Morris before the merger. He just got hired by ICM Monday and starts today. And ICM has brought over WMA TV literary agent Dan Norton.

Then, WMA TV lit agent Renee Kurtz is heading to CAA.

UPDATE: And, I have learned that longtime William Morris motion picture lit agents Ramses IsHak and Michael Sheresky have joined UTA. Many people were surprised that the pair were among those let go by William Morris, and in fact there was a real question whether they would stay on through the merger. But I’m told they settled out of their contracts a few days ago and now will be headed to UTA this week to work in the motion picture literary department run by partner David Kramer. IsHak had been with William Morris for 15 years, and an agent of 11 of those. Sheresky has been at the agency for 18 years, but took a break for a few years to earn an MBA from Harvard before rejoining the agency 11 years ago. The two agents are known for working as a team sharing their clients who include Ice Cube and his production company CubeVision, F. Gary Gray, Tim Story, Sylvain White, John Brancato & Mike Ferris, Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, David Hayter, Josh Olson, Jeremy Garelick, Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris, David Cunningham, Leo Benvenuti & Steve Rudnick, Frank Flowers, John Fusco, Kevin Jarre, Dave Meyers, Oren Moverman, Tommy O’Haver, Richard Potter & Matthew Stravitz, Ryan Shiraki, David E. Talbert and Paul Hunter.

2ND UPDATE: UTA has hired still another laid-off Morris agent — young talent tenpercenter Ashley Josephson who was a rep at Morris for four years.