Only Jimmy Fallon knows why he’s so obsessed for a Saved By The Bell reunion show. (The claim is that Screech and Tiffani Thiessen have been holdouts.) True, for a certain generation, this show was low-brow iconic. Still, it doesn’t merit this kind of shtick. Then again, here I am writing about it. Last night Fallon had guest Mark-Paul Gosselaar who agreed to be interviewed in character as Zack Morris. I don’t know which is worst: That Gosselaar looked exactly like he did 20 years ago? Or that he’s so horribly miscast in TNT’s Raising The Bar which would be another watchable Steven Bochco legal series except for the fact that Gosselaar can’t act worth a damn?

UPDATE: Jeez, I’ve hit a nerve. The comments hating on me are hilarious.