The grassroots organization, Saving The Lives Of Our Own, just released to me this statement from 3-time Oscar nominee and SAG National Board member Diane Ladd over the Motion Picture And Television Fund’s impending closure of the acute care hospital and long-term care nursing home. The 3,600-member coalition of MPTF residents, family members and friends claims that 5 out of the 16 patients that have been transferred so far have died from the stress — almost a third — and the remaining 100 or so residents live in daily fear that they will be evicted from the caring home promised them as a peaceful place to live out their days. The group keeps asking the MPTF Board of Directors to reverse their decision to close the nursing home before more of these fragile elderly lives are lost.

Statement From Diane Ladd:

It is my understanding that many residents of the Industry Elders Long Term Care at the Motion Picture Home are living with the daily fear of not knowing where they will be shipped off to and into whose hands they will end up in the care of…

This is one of the most atrocious occurrences that has ever been allowed to take place in this industry!

There are vast amounts of wealth among us all and the Board Members who allowed this should hang their heads in shame! I would not want their karma or experiences when they find themselves later in life in the same position as these pitiful victims, whose remaining time on this planet has been turned upside down into a living nightmare!

How dare we talk about previous and horrendous injustices that have been allowed on our planet, such as Hitler’s unforgivable hellish holocaust, while we, with no excuse in this day and age in our profitable and luxurious country, have allowed this scenario to take place.

It is my understanding that several of these residents have actually died from “The Transfer Trauma”. This situation needs to be rectified now, with the help of all the unions and all of those who are part of this great industry!

When will this human race really begin to evolve? And, hopefully for our children and our children’s children, maybe then, this human family might really become “humane”!

We in this industry are the reflectors of our times… What do we have to say for ourselves?