I’m told that on tonight’s Late Late Show (which taped Thursday night), host Craig Ferguson takes the piss out of NBC’s press release yesterday declaring Conan the “King of Late Night”. Also, Letterman beat O’Brien again last night in the overnights: 3.5 to 3.0. That’s a healthy margin no matter what the key demos show.

As for Ferguson, during his 2-minute opener, he said from behind the camera: “Ladies and gentleman….The King of Late Night TV,” then jumped in front of the camera. “That’s right, I am the new King of Late Night TV.  I can hear what you are saying, ‘Craig many, many, people get more viewers than you, lots of people in late night, nearly everyone in late night, gets more viewers than you — how can you be the King of Late Night?’ Cause I have a plan! I put out a press release saying I was the new King Of Late Night. What constitutes royalty in late night television? Saying you are! And as your king I demand you disrobe.”

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