UPDATES Is ‘Brüno’ Comedy Or “Grotesque Satire Of Homosexuality”?


Queer As Folk star/gay activist Peter Paige wrote me to add to his video remarks:

“Of course the part where I said, ‘I haven’t seen Brüno, so I can’t be sure about this’, was left out. I merely suggested that, having seen the trailer for Brüno during The Hangover, I was concerned about how the comedy was being interpreted by straight men. I understand and appreciate the complexities and subtleties of comedy — and am by no means interested in (or qualified for) being part of the PC police. So there you have it, from the horse’s (soundbitten) ass.”

And now, to be fair, a positive review of Brüno from one of my frequent sources:

“Nikki, I loved your piece on Brüno. I’ve seen the film. In fact, I was at the first recruited screening in LA prior to them making cuts for the MPAA. First, it was not only one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen, but it was also the strongest recruited screening I’ve ever been to. The audience laughed nonstop from beginning to end. I can’t imagine this film scored less than 95 — top 2 boxes. I’ll admit there were a couple of times where I was watching the film and said to myself, “he’s going too far.” But I hope that he can leave all of this in. I just knew while watching a few scenes that the graphic nature would get cut. Not because it offended gays but because Brüno wouldn’t be able to go so far and still receive an “R” rating.

If gay people start bashing this movie, they’re nuts! The movie is a COMEDY. If it was a drama made by a true gay basher, then I think the gay community would have a gripe. However, I don’t believe for one minute that Sacha had any politically motivated intent while making this film. In other words, I don’t believe he did it to make fun of homophobia for the purpose of a “cause” movie. He made it because this kind of comedy, when he does it, is painfully funny — and he knows it. There’s nothing wrong with that! My guess is when you see it, you’ll laugh your ass off.”