You’d think Variety would be embarrassed about reporting my WME Entertainment scoops days later and not even giving me credit. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. Worse, it takes two reporters to act so shamefully. (No credit, either, during primetime pilot panic.) Keep up with my merger postings here:

  1. Another Laid-Off WMA Agent Hired
  2. Oh No He Didn’t! Oh Yes He Did!
  3. Endeavor To Run WME Indie Film Division
  4. Now There’ll Be Client Layoffs From WME
  5. WME Really Gets Meeting On June 1st: WMA’s Dave Wirtschafter Stays At WME
  6. Endeavor Talent Agent Leaving…
  7. William Morris CEO Jim Wiatt Is Exiting New WME Agency Before It Starts
  8. WMA Sent Cease-And-Desist Letters; Endeavor Layoffs Total “Half A Dozen”
  9. William Morris/Endeavor Merger News
  10. William Morris Makes All Its Firings: FTC Greenlights Merger
  11. Aaron Kaplan Leaving WMA To Form Own Production/Management Firm
  12. Ari Gets His Way And New WME Architect
  13. William Morris-Endeavor Merger Update
  14. Endeavor Spins Recent Client Exodus
  15. William Morris-Endeavor Merger Update
  16. TOLDJA! WMA’s Steve Rabineau Heads To UTA
  17. Hurry, This Want Ad Expires On May 18th
  18. TOLDJA! Endeavor’s Abate Won’t Join WME After Personality Clash With Walsh
  19. News About WME Entertainment Board…
  20. More WMA-Endeavor Meet & Greet
  21. Hollywood History In The Making Today: Endeavor And William Morris Vote Yes
  22. Aaron Kaplan’s $11 Million/5-Year Deal
  23. The Name Of Merged WMA-END Is…
  24. The $300 Million Dollar Agency Merger?
  25. Board Of Merged WMA-Endeavor
  26. Endeavor Partners To Meet On Merger
  27. WMA Board Heard Merger Presentation
  28. WMA Agents Lonner & Rabineau In Play
  29. Another WMA-Endeavor Merger Update, Part II
  30. William Morris-Endeavor Merger: Latest
  31. Another Sign This Merger Isn’t Done…
  32. WMA-Endeavor Merger Update: Bring On The Lawyers!
  33. WMA-Endeavor Meeting Inconclusive…
  34. WMA-Endeavor Merger: Today’s Meeting
  35. URGENT! Endeavor-WMA Merger Hangs By Thread: Stop Or Go Decision Thursday
  36. Endeavor Finds Itself Rumor Central
  37. Will It Be WME Or EWM Or Neither?
  38. Endeavor/WMA Merger News Of The Day
  39. Look Who’s Following An Agency Merger
  40. Endeavor And WMA Meeting Over Merger
  41. UPDATE: That WMA/Endeavor Merger
  42. IT’S FOR REAL: Endeavor And William Morris Talking About Teaming Up
  43. What’s Really Happening Inside Morris?
  44. William Morris Agency Expands Board To Include More Music