I have to laugh that Variety is trumpeting 20th Century Fox “developing” a Deadpool spinoff starring Ryan Reynolds. Like duh. Everyone who saw one of the two Wolverine Easter eggs knows this. SPOILER ALERT (as I do my best geek impression): Even the critics screening back on April 29th featured a final post-credits ending of Deadpool’s arm reaching out from the rubble of the final battle, and grabbing his severed head. The head’s eyes open wide, and the mouth — which had been fused shut earlier in a significant plot point: Deadpool was a wiseass and Colonel Striker hated his jokes so sewed his mouth shut — is open, and says “SHHHHH!” Deadpool is a fan-fave character, but his treatment in Wolverine is highly non-canon; he gets given all the powers of every mutant for the final battle. This ending suggests a more accurate sequel since, in the comics, Deadpool signs up for mutant duty in order to cure his cancer, and this is unmentioned in the film. As for the other Easter egg, it’s Wolverine in Japan, possibly to kickstart a sequel based on the Frank Miller Wolverine comic series that fans love.