Starting June 1, Hollywood’s newest talent agency will hold a series of staff meetings, interdepartmental meetings, and operational meetings to combine its two tenpercenteries. WMA and Endeavor will start officially sharing office space. There’s even a confab and cocktail party planned at the home of Ari Emanuel, WME’s co-CEO along with Patrick Whitesell and Dave Wirtschafter. Speaking of Dave, I’ve been assured that he is staying with the newly merged agency, and in fact is actively involved. On the other hand, as I previously reported, Irv Weintraub will not be making it to the merger, according to my insiders. As for Jim Wiatt, who’s been politely eased out with an Emeritus title (see my previous, William Morris CEO Jim Wiatt Is Exiting New WME Agency Before It Starts) he’ll be given an office in the old WMA headquarters for the next six months, and then he’s gone. By the way, I’ve pinned down the timing of when Wiatt found out he was history. On May 15, when his close pals, entertainment lawyer Skip Brittenham and former Viacom mogul Tom Freston, warned, “You have to resign, or you’re going to be fired.” Wiatt’s first reaction was anger, and then grief. And then it was, “What am I going to get in return?” Around $25 million. Also, as I previously reported, WMA unscripted czar Mark Itkin will take Wiatt’s WME board seat, so it’s still a 9-person panel with 5 from William Morris, and 4 from Endeavor (whose votes are worth 1 1/4 to make it equal).