The latest is that William Morris/Endeavor may hang onto WMA reality kingpin Mark Itkin after battling over him with CAA. Also Sean Perry. No one’s sure what John Ferriter will do since he was the only person on the 20-member WMA board to vote against the merger. But the word is that Hans Schiff, a medium-level agent from WMA’s unscripted department, is going to CAA. Also, I’m hearing that Aaron Kaplan may segue into becoming a manager. Remember, he’s got more than 3 years left on that $11 million, 5-year deal which Jim Wiatt handed him and now will have to pay out (since there’s no mitigation…) Susan Solomon who parted ways with Endeavor three weeks ago and very amicably, is now a manager at Principato-Young. And Dan Tram Nguyen moved over to Fox Searchlight.