Actor Rob Morrow shot that video footage of Ben Silverman singing in a towel in a locker room as part of the chronicle of their trip with Fisher Stevens attending a charity event, the Aspen Youth Experience Celeb Ski 2008. Now the Silverman pal has sent in a comment to DHD — and I’ve confirmed it’s really him — defending Ben.

“The bottom line is; we were trying, in that locker room, as we got dressed, to write/rehearse something for Fisher to do at a benefit for kids that was in an hour. Take a look at the entire video (go to youtube and search At the end Fish does a really sweet/funny version of what we came up with. It is unfortunate that this celebration of a very worthwhile charity had to be taken out of context and weaponized. Ultimately, mean spiritedness delivers no end and tends to go round and round…” Rob Morrow

VIDEO: Ben Silverman Sings In A Towel