This updates my previous Primetime Pilot Panic: The Hot List


OVERVIEW: Newly installed Peter Rice is very much on the job and screening pilots. Good development season.

SONS OF TUCSON (Twentieth TV/J2TV) is without doubt FBC’s favorite new comedy and maybe next season’s hottest new comedy. It’s “definitely going”.

GLEE (Twentieth TV) as I said previously is already on the Fall schedule with a 13-episode order. It gets a one-episode preview after American Idol on May 19 which makes sense since this show is in the High School Musical genre.

HUMAN TARGET (Warner Bros/DC Comics/Wonderland) is a lock after it screened very well. “Peter Rice saw it and loved it,” a source tells me. It’s now considered FBC’s best drama pilot.

MAGGIE HILL (Twentieth TV/Imagine) is the Ian Biederman drama said to be in competition with PAST LIFE (Warner Bros) for a pairing with Human Target. Sources tell me Past Life has the edge on heat right now after Maggie Hill came in “so-so”.

MASTERWORK (Twentieth TV) started later than other pilots and so is just beginning to be shot for a midseason placement. This is a huge event-type show in the vein of Da Vinci Code and National Treasure set in Europe. Plus is that it’s from Paul Scheuring who created Prison Break for the network.

BROTHERS (Sony TV/Tantamount) is an NFL comedy with Michael Strahan that’s starting to get some buzz.

COP HOUSE (Twentieth Century Fox TV/Adelstein) was really hot but now is the source of conflicting reports, most of them con. One source even goes so far as to tell me it’s dead.

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (BBC Worldwide/Sony TV/Tantamount) was early on considered a lock. The brass liked it, but now they’re not sure it’s right for the FBC audience.

EVA ADAMS (Sony TV/Fanfare) is dead.