Stan Rosenfield, veteran publicist to Hollywood stars like George Clooney and Robert DeNiro, shares with me this anecdote about the late PR legend Lee Solters: “I never told Lee Solters this, but he was the victim of one of my practical jokes. When he was a partner in Solters, O’Rourke & Sabinson, one of the ways they marketed their company was by sending out copies of magazine covers featuring their clients. They photocopied the covers in such a way where it looked like they had attached a note that was paper-clipped to the magazine. The note said something like ‘Bill Moviestar has it all… fame, fortune and Solters, O’Rourke & Sabinson’.

“To paraphrase the great Lewis Black, this was starting to piss me off.

“It was around this time that President Nixon nominated Clement Haynsworth to the Supreme Court. Haynsworth’ s nomination was rejected after it became public that he had voted in two cases involving subsidiaries of companies in which he owned stock. After Haynsworth appeared on the cover of Time magazine, I photocopied the cover complete with the added a clip-on note that simply said, ‘Haynsworth has all sorts of trouble… major ethical problems and Solters, O’Rourke and Sabinson’. I put the photocopy in a plain envelope, so it could not be traced, and mailed it to everyone I had ever met.

“If Lee learns about this from above, I would want him to know it was done out of respect and appreciation.”