I’ve confirmed this is a 2009/2010 schedule that may be the final one, but is one that NBC is definitely considering. As I expected, it has Chuck returning. Though I do find it surprising that the network would put critical hit Southland on Friday night, usually considered dead air. The last I heard about Law & Order, the financial wrangling for the show with Dick Wolf is settled. But the series probably won’t get a full order and will just fill in gaps in the schedule later on.

MONDAY — TRAUMA, Heroes, Leno
TUESDAY — Biggest Loser, Law & Order: SVU, Leno
THURSDAY — 30 Rock, P&R, Office, COMMUNITY, Leno
FRIDAY — Chuck, Southland, Leno
SATURDAY — Re-runs
SUNDAY — Football
SUNDAY (January) — Dateline, Apprentice, MERCY

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