Chalk up a merger victory to Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel even though WME Entertainment is telling me it was “a collective decision”. I’m told Ari succeeded in convincing the newly merged company to fire the global architecture firm Gensler which the William Morris Agency originally hired to develop its new headquarters. That building will now house the WMA-Endeavor combined company WME Entertainment. The problem was that Gensler designed CAA’s current space and Ari hated it. (“I heard CAA is trying for some…white-leather, Gucci-style, 1970s grandeur over there,” Emanuel was quoted as saying in one article about CAA’s headquarters.) Supposedly, the change won’t cost the new company a dime. I hear Ari convinced the Morris bigwigs that “there are better architects out there” and those are being interviewed right now for the gig. In 2010, WME moves to a green building currently under construction on North Beverly Drive also in Beverly Hills. The new headquarters will have more than 175,000 square feet of office space and 30,000 square feet of retail space and restaurants at its base.