MultiChannel News reports that the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has released a report on the requirements for standards for the creation of 3-D stereoscopic content viewable on television sets and other home-entertainment displays. A SMPTE task force was set up last August to do this, and over 200 people from 13 nations were involved representing movie studios, broadcasters, cable operators, satellite-TV providers. What’s being set is the “3-D Home Master” for the various distribution platforms like Blu-ray, game consoles, cable systems, broadcasters, broadband, mobile and other technologies that might deliver 3-D content to the home starting in 2010. According to MultiChannel News, the report calls for the 3-D Home Master standard to use the 1080p format at 60 frames per second, the highest level of image formatting currently available. It also specifies that the 3-D Home Master be compatible with a variety of other products, including Blu-ray discs, and requires that these home masters work with earlier formats and displays so that 3-D content can be displayed on existing two-dimensional TVs and other displays.