I can confirm that, for William Morris, the members of the new agency’s board will be CEO Jim Wiatt, President Dave Wirtschafter, music division head Peter Grosslight, motion picture department topper John Fogelman, and book bigwig Jennifer Rudolph Walsh. For Endeavor, it will be Ari Emanuel, Patrick Whitesell, Rick Rosen and Adam Venit. So just 9 in all. A far cry from the current situation whereby WMA has 20 board members, and Endeavor has 28 partners. Notice how no one from WMA’s TV side (like Aaron Kaplan or Mark Itkin) made the cut. Variety is wrongly claiming that WMA’s Irv Weintraub is on the board but not Peter Grosslight. Untrue. Weintraub is not, and of course Grosslight is — since the hugely profitable Morris music division was a major reason for the merger in the first place!

UPDATE: One tipster tells me Weintraub may not be on the new board now, but he was when it was first planned. It’s inconceivable there was going to be no music presence on the board since it’s a machine. So Weintraub — who’s not an agent and has no clients — had to give up the seat for Grosslight in order to make certain the music department members on the board vote to approve the merger.

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