I told you that, back in March, the first meeting between WMA book agent Jennifer Rudolph Walsh and Endeavor book agent Richard Abate went really, really badly. Apparently, the two hated one another. Both decided there was no way they could work with one another. There was even an unsuccessful attempt by WMA’s Walsh, backed up by Jim Wiatt, then and there to push Abate out. But Ari pushed back on behalf of Abate. Soon everything seemed to calm down. I’m told it was because Ari later saw that WMA has a $20 million book business whereas Endeavor’s is still wet behind the ears. And profit trumps personality conflicts. Today, the other shoe dropped in this little drama: Richard Abate will not be joining the newly merged WME. As an insider tells me, “It’s all amicable. Everyone knew it was coming. He was not fired.” Round One to WMA.