UPDATE: Alex Ankeles, a director of development in the straight to video feature division was one of the people let go.

EXCLUSIVE: MGM/UA thought they could do this without any announcements. But I’ve confirmed that about 3% to 4% of the studio’s total employment was “restructured” today and “a small number” of people lost their jobs. But when the studio was working with a skeleton staff to begin with, those layoffs and firings become more significant to operations. I’m told that the studio’s fiscal year ended yesterday, on March 31st, so today a lot of people’s contracts ended and some didn’t get renewed, especially in the television and distribution departments. Also, in-house flack Jeff Pryor was demoted to outside consultant (I say rightfully so because he was beyond useless). He won’t deal with movies and corporate anymore, just handle TV and digital. As for the studio’s fiscal future, I don’t know how MGM/UA stays afloat, I really don’t.