Nobody knows better than agents that payback is a bitch. So the publisher of an autiobio by the former TV honcho at the William Morris Agency, Sam Haskell, has smartly timed the release to the WMA-Endeavor merger. I and other journos got a taste this week, and the book bashes Jim Wiatt for forcing out Haskell and other key board members in what was a 2004 palace coup. At the time, many thought Haskell left on his own. Instead he was blindsided. Things got so bad that Sam sought solace at his church. He was that rarity among top Hollywood TV agents: goyim. WMA knew from Italian-Americans in its midst (affectionately dubbed “faux Jews”) but not from Haskell, who hails from the spit-sized town of Amory, Mississippi. There’s even a street named after him. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if this book is a precursor to Haskell, a Republican, running for Congress with the help of his Mississippi buddy Trent Lott, the ex-Senate majority leader. Oh, and here’s what is also hilarious: the book is repped by Endeavor.