If you were near Hollywood Boulevard tonight and heard ear-splitting screams… Not to worry. It was just the premiere of Hannah Montana, The Movie, and both sides of the street were lined with adoring Miley Cyrus fans. No one orchestrates these pre-teen movies better than Disney, and the studio made sure Miley took time to sign autographs and pose for pictures with her fans who were dressed in the same dress and cowboy boots get-up she was. I’m told from the scene that she also cute-taught the broadcast press how to do the “Hoe Down Throw Down,” a dance from the movie. When the movie ended, the curtains rose and Miley performed her hit song “The Climb” while the entire audience rose to its feet, followed by another number called “Butterfly Fly Away” joined by her father Billy Ray. Then Dad performed two songs including “Back to Tennessee” which he wrote for the film and is on his new album. Get out of the way, folks: the G0-rated Miley Maelstrom is on its way to theaters April 10th.