IATSE’s Hollywood locals have declared war on this producer over issues of unfair labor practices. Larry Levinson Productions has subsequently fired and replaced all their crews which were repped by IATSE on LLP’s big budget mini-series Mega-Storm, which NBC is reportedly purchasing. Picket lines have formed at LLP’s sound stages in Simi Valley and at the location of the shoot. LLP has been a long-time IATSE holdout, and I know Local 600 has been after the company for a while. Levinson does all those low-budget Hallmark movies non-union. But Local 600 and the other Hollywood locals are joining to try to organize more work like they claimed they would during the recent contract ratification campaign. I hear that, now that LLP is doing larger projects with bigger budgets, it’s become a prime target for the IA to organize.

IATSE accuses LLP of asking their crew to work 16+ hour days, over often 6-day weeks, with less than safe turnarounds, all for close to minimum wage and without future job security. IATSE is fighting for fair labor practices. LLP has signed contracts with both the DGA and SAG, but has been quoted as saying it will never sign with IATSE. The fired crew is now on strike and the production company has brought in scabs to complete the show. IATSE claims many are inexperienced office workers. The picket lines form at the anticipated crew call and wrap times in an attempt to identify and contact the scabs.

Pickets also are expected at NBC in the next few days. The union is trying to pressure NBC not to purchase product from this content producer and its members are pledging to boycott any programs purchased without a fair labor agreement signed by the producers and IATSE.

Posts like this are appearing on various network website blogs and job boards pertaining to the industry:

“Movie of the Week and DVD content producer Larry Levinson Productions (LLP) has been taking advantage of an overly competitive job market in the area of Film and Television crew. As with any industry where there is a large number of workers and a few jobs it is necessary for the workers to bravely unite to demand that livable and fair wages be paid. This has happened as IATSE and non-union Crew are now STRIKING against this treament from LLP. The Network television mini series “Mega Storm” is reported at $9 Million dollars in budget, yet they were paying many of their key crew positions less than $10 per hour, having them work 16+ hour days, and 6 day weeks, without overtime on the 6th day, and without adequate rest periods between shifts. Please support the Workers as they attempt to get Larry Levinson to the table to negotiate fair wages and work conditions. Post your concerns at NBC’s website, and spread the word. Join the picket lines. For information on picketing locations and times, and for general updates on progress join StrikeLLP@gmail.com or call an IATSE representative for more information. PLEASE JOIN OUR FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF WORKERS, THE GOOD OF THE NATION, AND THE HEALTH OF OUR ECONOMY.”