Updates IATSE Strikes Larry Levinson Productions

This is the 2nd week that IATSE Hollywood Locals 728, 600, 80, 399, 40, 44, 700, 705 representing below-the-liners from cinematographers to sound engineers to film editors continue striking Larry Levinson Productions over alleged unfair and unsafe working conditions. (See 1st photo.) A WGA rep also joined the picketers yesterday as did Teamsters. There has been no solidarity expressed by either the AMPTP-compliant Directors Guild or the SAG National Majority-controlled Screen Actors Guild. All the pictures below were taken by my photographer Jim Stevenson (who covered the writers strike with many unforgettable shots) in Simi Valley where LLP is making Mega-Storm. As you can see, a van with blacked-out windows carries scabs in and out of the shoot daily. (See 2nd photo.) Meanwhile, LLP security people videotape the IATSE picketers in what is a common employer trick to try to attempt striking workers. (“Larry has been taking photos and video as well to identify the picketers so that he con continue in his unfair labor practice of discriminating in future hiring based on his employees’ desire to join a union,” a IATSE email alert claims.) Also, picketers have identified the smiling stepsons of former SAG president (and SAG National Majority supporter) Melissa Gilbert who break the line daily to go to their sound jobs at LLP. (See 3rd photo.) LLP maintains a huge permanent production facility in Simi Valley unaffectionally known as “Lining Larry’s Pockets”. Meanwhile, the IATSE locals say they are starting to identify the scabs “and hopefully we can talk them onto our side,” an email alert went out yesterday. “We do need to keep a strong face on our Strike, though. The media has just started to pay attention to us, and we need to show everyone that we are in it for the long haul, no matter what it takes to haul Larry to the negotiating table.” The Locals also are picketing Larry Levinson Production offices in LA.