From a real ad on in the New York/New Jersey section:

Vacancy: Agents (Former WMA & Endeavor)
Employer: Confidential
Location: New York
Duration: 3 year contract minimum, starts Immediate
If you have been “given the pink slip” or have decided NOT to ride into the new company, possibly this is for you.
20 year agency veteran seeks the best of the best from both WMA and Endeavour for midtown west Agency.

Above & Below-the-Line experts needed who understand the corporate culture, have a firm grasp of the every-changing agency world, wake up every morning still passionate about being an agent, are finally tired of the political BS and want more, but ABOVE and BEYOND anything know that this is the entertainment BUSINESS. (There are a few of us “seasoned campaigners” out there, and these are who we are searching for.)

Shy introverts & backstabbing sleezebags – this is NOT FOR YOU. STAY FAR AWAY.

Since you already know there are long hours, script-reading on weekends, attending function after function, constantly promoting your “stable” you already are skilled and capable the responsibilities are as you have now.

We are looking for HIGH WAGE EARNERS only. You will receive 50% of agency’s 10% commission on each booking/deal.

Areas needed:
Film/TV/Theatre/Commercials (performers)
Literary (Manuscripts, Screenplays/Teleplays/IA-Rich Media)
Music (Performance, Technical, etc.)
Rich Media (IA gaming/Virtual Worlds, etc)
Production (Producers, Directors, Major Dept Heads, etc.)
Corporate Branding

All submissions shall be under the strictest confidentiality.
Please send resume’/CV, letter of interest explaining what you have now, what you want in the immediate future and where you see yourself in the next few years, together with contact info for immediate response.
Apply to: Allen Smithee