How many Endeavor partners does it take to screw in a light bulb (or make a deal for their clients)? I’m told 28 now. That’s because the agency has just promoted two talent agents, Jenny Rawlings (Lee Gabler’s daughter) and Megan Silverman. Rawlings’ clients include John Malkovich, Josh Lucas, Viggo Mortensen, Rachel Weisz, Samantha Morton, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Craig Bierko. Rawlings was a 15-year veteran at CAA (where her Dad was a partner) before coming to Endeavor in 2006. Silverman’s clients include Shia LaBeouf, Paul Bettany, Amanda Bynes, Ryan Phillippe, Alexis Bledel, and Justin Bartha. Silverman came to Endeavor in 2004 from Gersh and, before that, was a business affairs attorney.

Endeavor has 26 other partners, for a total of 28.