First he was indicted in 2006 for perjury in the Pellicano scandal. Then he pled guilty. Then he appealed and in February was allowed to withdraw his plea. Now a federal grand jury today indicted Die Hard and The Hunt For Red October film director John McTiernan on two counts of making false statements to the FBI about Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano and one count of perjury for allegedly lying to a federal judge while trying to withdraw his guilty plea. All of this stems from McTiernan hiring The Pelican to wiretap producer Chuck Roven while they were making Rollerball. Pellicano is now serving 15 years in federal prison. But let’s face it: the real question is whether McTiernan still has a film career after all this flak. Especially considering he’s just finished financing, directing and narrating a documentary that accuses Karl Rove of using the Pellicano case to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton in advance of what was expected to be her 2004 presidential campaign up against Dubya’s re-election run. (But she didn’t throw her hat into the ring until 2008…) It’s entirely possible that when the feds raided Pellicano’s office, they gained access to a lot of Anthony’s confidential files. Among his clients had been the Clintons: Pellicano was brought in as an “audio recording expert” in 1992 to analyze Gennifer Flowers’ secretly recorded tapes with Bill allegedly describing his extramarital affair with her. (Pellicano’s verdict was that the tapes had been “selectively edited.” Flowers insisted they were authentic.) Interestingly, I wrote about the possible politics behind the Pellicano case back in 2003. That seems like a lifetime ago.