Every year about this time, rabid fans of shows perceived to be on the bubble launch campaigns to convince networks to renew their favorite series. So Chuck fans on Monday plan to show NBC execs their loyalty by spiking sandwich sales en masse at Subway stores and sending Nerds candies. It didn’t work for Moonlight at CBS but did for Jericho. This time, I can tell you the Chuck campaign is having an effect on the NBC suits. “It’s a good show, a solid show, and it’s in contention to come back,” an insider tells me. “I’m betting it’ll end up back. But that decision hasn’t been made yet.” Interestingly, it’s not just fanboys trying to keep the Josh Schwartz show on the air, it’s also mainstream TV critics and reporters. The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Entertainment Weekly have all weighed i positively. Television Without Pity listed 8 reasons to save the series. Me? I haven’t even watched 3 minutes of it.