New Showbiz Investment Advisory Biz: Goldman’s Ravitch & UBS’ Sine Joining With Endeavor & Forstmann

I’m interrupting my time off to make this correction in case you read tomorrow’s Los Angeles Times: contrary to what the newspaper is reporting, I assure you that neither Teddy Forstmann nor his IMG is involved in the merger between William Morris and Endeavor. As my sources tell me: “This is absolutely untrue.”… “It is completely and technically false.” … “Is the LA Times hiring reporters out of high school?”

Forget that WMA and IMG have sparred over sports clients like Michelle Wie and Andy Roddick in the past so there’s bad blood between the firms. Forget even that everyone already knows that Ari and Teddy are close pals. (In February, they played together in a foursome at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tourney. And in September 2007 Ari brokered Teddy’s hiring of HBO’s Chris Albrecht — a pairing that unfortunately went south 11 months later.) My point is that I can name a dozen other bigwig cronies whom Emanuel and/or WMA’s Jim Wiatt have consulted while their agencies negotiate. How is that news?

Yes, Ari may eventually do a deal with Teddy. But, trust me, the WMA-Endeavor merger isn’t it.