Their goals were modest: to position themselves in Obama’s “eyeline” as he arrived and departed Jay Leno’s Tonight Show taping Thursday “so that he can see our placards,” explained rally organizer and SAG member Scott Wilson. “Someone suggested that, in light of the fact that he was a community organizer once, he might appreciate our grass roots movement and like to have a word or two with us.” Alas, it was not to be. The motorcade twice whipped past the assembled actors with their signs protesting the AMPTP’s “Last Best & Final Offer” to SAG — but Obama was seen motioning to the group. “He lifted his right hand and made this index finger gesture like he was either pointing at me or my sign,” one protester told me. “If you watch Obama, he does that finger-pointing as his way of acknowledgement.” (text continues below…)

It was the latest in the ongoing 8-week campaign by a cross-section of SAG members gathering at different studios and TV complexes, and in front of SAG’s own offices in Los Angeles, to protest the AMPTP’s contract proposal to the big actors guild. “Our concern is that we will be unable to sustain a living and that we will lose our health coverage and pension benefits on the lost revenue that will result from the rollbacks that the AMPTP is demanding in New Media.”